Conference Photography in Melbourne

A conference is often a large event where a large number of like minded or people with similar personal or business interests, mingle, network, and listen to a range of knowledgeable and interesting speakers. The schedule of events in a conference is listed according to a published agenda and there are usually no surprises, and the levels of stress for photographers are low, so long as you have done a pretty good job of planning for the event.

The same photography rules apply to the conference photographers too. Below are some of the useful things that you need to know and do when photographing conferences

Be Aware of the Agenda

When you are booked for a business conference in Melbourne, there are certain things that you need to know such as how many panels do they have or how many keynotes. Knowing the agenda might be helpful to have some idea of what the conference is all about.

It would be best if you show up on time, and get your copy of the agenda from the registration table. If you are aware of the agenda and have a watch on hand, you will be far more relaxed. You don’t have to stay the whole time in the conference room, but you shouldn’t miss any program points or Q&A sessions.

Take a good look at the program, and make sure to remember the speakers’ and panelists’ faces to avoid important moments like the CEO meeting another VIP just because you don’t know what they look like.

Be an Invisible Photographer!

Conference organisers would like you to take nice photos of the speaker, but they wouldn’t want you and your camera to obstruct the views of the guests.
Keep in mind that the guests and their companies have paid a lot to attend the conference and listen to what the person is saying on stage. You are paid to take pictures but they also expect you to do it as discreetly as possible.

Shot Lists

Your client such as the event company or directly from the marketing department of the client usually provides the shot lists, but check with your point of contact as to exactly what they would like to see.  Some clients will just say ‘Do what you usually do’, in which case you’ll just take the reins and be the professional conference photographer you are!

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Camera and Photography Techniques

Modern cameras nowadays perform well as semi-automatic. The presenters’ spotlights may differ in temperature, such as how warm or cool it looks. Spotlights are highly varied in intensity, so get yourself ready by doing some test shots from different parts of the stage.

Batteries for the DSLR cameras can easily last a complete 10-hour shoot. The same for goes with the batteries for the flash or Speedlight, but it’s always a good plant o have some fresh batteries on standby!

Photographers are not necessarily invisible but should seek to maintain a low profile. So you need to be discreet when in front of the stage. Head to the back of the room and use a longer focal lens when possible.

It is common to capture posed portraits of the speakers, sponsors, and other VIPs. The key people as well as the photographer should be comfortable with this aspect but not all the time.

Event photographers may ask people to stand or move in a very small way, in particular positions. These minor adjustments can sometimes make a huge difference in a photo and are worth it as these are the types that are usually very useful to the client at a later date.

However, you should let the Conference Manager direct you. Take a bunch of candid shots of people taking notes, and those who are listening intensely.
Always try to be considerate of the guests and don’t take pictures like you ‘re shooting a machine gun, because no one wants to hear all that. If possible, use your camera on silent.  Be cautious with every frame, and keep the shutter noise to a minimum.

Photography Pricing for Conferences and Summits

Normally, conference photography is priced like a regular business event, so there are usually no special pricing requirements. if the conference is a multi day event, conference photographers may offer small discounts to clients.

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